All about bicycle accidents

Throughout the state of California, thanks to weather conditions, people have chosen to use bicycles as their means of transportation to go to work, school, or simply to do some physical activity while taking care of the environment.

Because of this, multiple lanes especially made for bicycles, have been created. The goal is to achieve a more harmonious and safer environment for motorists and cyclists in cities. However, accidents when using this type of transport are still prevalent, especially in big cities like Los Angeles, where car drivers tend not to exercise caution when driving, thus causing most accidents between cyclists and cars.

The downside of bicycles as a means of transportation in such large cities is that they do not provide any protection for riders. Therefore, when having an accident, they tend to suffer severe injuries from the impact of a car, injuries that can even cause death.

When you are in an accident while riding your bicycle, you may be entitled to compensation for injuries resulting from the impact. Therefore, if you are not seriously injured, you should follow these steps after your accident:

  • Follow the directions of the police or paramedics.
  • Collect data from witnesses or, if possible, the person driving the vehicle that caused your accident—for example, license plate, a description of the car, contact information, etc.
  • Treat your wounds and injuries.


The person responsible must compensate you for the expenses derived from your injuries, such as hospitalizations, doctors, medicines, and others. They should also pay you for any other emotional or financial damage.

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