Denial of work permits

California workers have the advantage that their state has some of the best paid time off and leave laws in the entire United States. These laws give employees permission to request vacation days, sick days, pregnancy days, and even days to attend their children’s events. However, the state also looks to federal law to set the rules, especially regarding a medical situation. In this case, workers have the right to request up to 12 weeks without pay.

Employers in California have the right to deny permits to workers, only as long as the permits in question are not those that are established in both state and federal laws. If an employee requests time away from work for one of the situations that are established as legal, and his employer decides to deny permission, the employer will be committing an illegal action. In these cases, as an employee, you can start a claim process for the denial of your request. All employers must abide by what is established in the law, even if this does not suit them. Otherwise, they will face the consequences of an illegal act against their employees.

If you request a permit protected by law and your employer decides to deny it without a reasonable reason, the recommendation would be to hire an employment rights attorney. This way, you will receive the appropriate advice, and you will be able to confirm if the denial of your permit is indeed illegal. In addition, this will allow you to receive compensation from your employer for any damage caused, such as interruptions of medical treatment, obstructions of your recovery, among others.

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